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The Secretary Marline John

The Secretary has bookkeeping and computer skills and has been working for the society since 1992. She is also proficient in spoken and written St̓át́imcets.

The Web Designer Marcel Adrian

The Web designer has multi-media experience on the computer(ie. video, desktop publishing) and he has worked off and on for the Society for approximately 17 years.

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Appointed Board Members

Elected Board Members

Nwxísten Carl Alexander
Cácl̓ep Pauline Michell
Tsalálh Ida Mary Peter
T̓ít̓q̓et Marilyn Napoleon
Sekwelwás Lloyd Narcisse

Norm Leech (President)
Lloyd Narcisse (Vice President)
Susan James (Treasurer)
Dolores McDonald (Secretary)
Kwimtsxn John
At Large Emerson Adolph

USLCES Board Members for 2011-2013

The Board of the Society comprises 11 directors, six appointed from the St̓át̓imc communities and five elected. Some of the Board members work in the field of education, some are fluent in the St̓át̓imc language, some are political leaders in their communities and many are knowledgeable.