Sttimc Cultural Centre Project


November 2005

Editor: Natasha Billy

1st Annual USLCES Sttimc Cultural Olympics

November 26, 2005.

The Upper Sttimc Language, Culture and Education Society would like to thank everyone who took part in the Cultural Olympics. The weather kept a few people at home but those who attended had a great time. The items entered in the Olympics were testimony to a vibrant culture and everyone enjoyed the banquet. The Board would like to acknowledge Xwsten, Xaxlip, Ttqet, Sekwelws, Tsallh and Tskwylaxw for their donations as well as the Ucwalmicw Centre Youth Employment Program for all the volunteer help, Winners Edge, Lightfoot Gas, Sttimc Tribal Police Staff and band receptionists and elders coordinators for selling tickets. Hats off to all the people who donated or cooked food, Jack Ned for acting as MC and to those volunteers who worked in the concession. The Sttimc Cultural Olympics will be bigger and better next year!

Koochie (Willard Charlie) lead a lahal workshop that used the old way of playing. Unfortunately there were no lead singers and drummers in attendance so the evening ended earlier than planned.

The Statimc Cultural Centre Project motto was selected after the banquet. It was a close race but Our Culture, Our Heritage, Our Community, OUR FUTURE was the winner by one vote. All that is required now is the formality of having the USLCES Board approve the selection.

The Olympics was a great celebration of 10,000 years of Language and Culture. Congrats! to the champions and we hope to see everyone at the 2nd Annual Sttimc Cultural Olympics next October.

The 2005 Sttimc Cultural Olympics Champions

Cultural Olympics Category Artistic Expression

Hand painted items or art work Professional

1st Luther Brigman

Carving Stone Professional

1st Koochie (Willard Charlie)

Carving Stone Amateur

1st Paul Barney - pipe

Carving Stone Amateur

1st Paul Barney

Carving Cedar or other wood professional

1st Koochie (Willard Charlie)

Carving Cedar or other wood amateur

1st Dwayne Redan raven mask

2nd Paul Barney talking stick

3rd Paul Barney axe

Carving Other - Professional

1st Hector McDonald (horn lamp)

2nd Hector McDonald (horn lamp)

3rd Hector McDonald (horn lamp)

Photography Family

1st Laureen Weget (father and daughter)

2nd Laureen Weget (roasting marshmallows)

3rd Laureen Weget (family pictures)

Contemporary Artistic Expression Textiles and Yarns


1st Jenny Frank (tan tablecloth with brown trim)

2nd Jenny Frank (white tablecloth)

3rd Jenny Frank (table runner doily)

Quilting - Machine

1st Shelley Leech (dolls)

2nd Shelley Leech (quilt)

3rd Shelley Leech (Xmas decoration)


1st Laureen Weget feather holder

Beaded Flowers

1st Verna Diablo (vase collection)

2nd Verna Diablo (bouquet)

3rd Kathy Doss (wooden box/flower top)

Beaded Jewellery

1st Kathy Doss bear paw necklace

2nd Kathy Doss triangle necklace

3rd Kathy Doss Barrett

Cultural Olympics Category Food & Beverage

Dried Goods


1st Koochie Willard Charlie

2nd Stanley Shields

Smoked Goods - Meat

1st Howard Shields (Moose)

Smoked Goods Salmon

1st Vera Adolph

2nd Laureen Weget



1st Laureen Weget


1st Richard Frank

2nd Laureen Weget


1st Laureen Weget

2nd Richard Frank

Home Canning


1st Laureen Weget

2nd Richard Frank

3rd Kathy Doss


1st Lisa Williams Peaches

2nd Lisa Williams Pears

3rd Lisa Williams Cherries


1st Kathy Doss

Vegetables - Salsa

1st Clara Shields

2nd Clara Shields

3rd Laureen Weget

Vegetables Pickles

1st Lisa Williams

2nd Clara Shields

3rd Lisa Williams

Spreads Jelly

1st Linda Williams (Grape)

2nd Linda Williams

3rd Clara Shields (Xusem/raspberry)

Spreads Jam

1st Ida Mary Peter Huckleberry

2nd Ida Mary Peter Black Cap

3rd Clara Shields Huckleberry

Wild Meat

1st Clara Shields

Juice - Fruit or berry

1st Denise Antoine

Juice - Xsum

1st Lisa Williams

2nd Kathy Doss

3rd Clara Shields

Juice - Xsum Whole Berry

1st Laureen Weget

Cultural Olympics Category Cultural Activities

Regalia - buckskin

1st Brenda Ireland mans regalia

Baskets and other containers - weaving

Cedar root

1st Marie Leo cup and saucer

2nd Ida Mary Peter bowl

3rd Doreen Copeland baby basket

Hand drum unpainted

1st Norm Leech

Hand drum painted

1st Laureen Weget

Beading and Quill Work

1st Norm Leech hummingbird

Cultural Olympics Category Child and Youth

Art Work any medium (crayons, paint, pastels, mixed using cultural theme)

Ages 3 4

1st - Daxgyet Weget Whitney

2nd Ayee Weget Whitney

Ages 4 6

1st Tsaxw Weget Whitney

2nd Tsaxw Weget Whitney

3rd Tsaxw Weget Whitney

Ages 9 11

1st Keeley Weget mobile

2nd Tasia Andrews eagle

3rd Tasia Andrews Killer Whale

Ages 11 14

1st Keeley Weget Picture Book

2nd Keeley Weget Painted Tile

Beading Loom

Ages 10 and under

1st Tsaxw Weget

Photography Family

Ages 11 14

1st Keeley Weget Whitney


Ages 11 14

1st Keeley Weget Whitney

2nd Keeley Weget Whitney

Sttimc Cultural Centre Project Cultural Tourism Guidelines Development

Since beginning to work with communities on the development and marketing of cultural tourism activities, staff have been asked many times about what can and cannot be shared with visitors. This is a question that the elders can answer and the project was able to find a little bit of money to meet with the elders, provide lunch and a small honorarium to discuss tourism guidelines and what is okay to share and what should not be shared.

Sttimc Cultural Centre Project staff has discussed tourism guidelines with elders in 4 of the 6 upper Sttimc communities. Elders are provided an update on the Cultural Centre Project and given samples of the brochures that have been developed for the community tourism initiatives. Plans for the Tourism 2006 Initiative are shared as well. The Project is currently negotiating with a major tour company to offer lunches and cultural performances starting early summer 2006.

Notes taken at the meetings are distributed to the elders for further discussion and the Project intends to continue meeting with the elders after the holidays. Once the elders in each community have discussed what should and should not be shared, a document will be drafted that will be sent to elder coordinators for distribution and further discussion. The Project then plans to bring elders from each community together to finalize recommendations on tourism guidelines for Chiefs Council.

Tourism, Liability and Risk Management Information Session

Michael Black from Simmons Black & Emsland Insurance Services presented information on tourism liability and risk management at the November 16 session held at the Tribal Council office.

Summary of the discussion included:

Michael Black of Simmons Black and Emsland did touch base on a few other important topics if you would like more information please contact Natasha or Brenda at 256-0673 and ask for the handout for the Tourism Liability & Risk Management meeting.

Happy Holidays

From the USLCES Board and the Sttimc
Cultural Centre Staff and Steering